Introduction to Laos

Lao PDR is located in Southeast Asia and it is a landlocked country and shares border with:
- China for 505 km , in the North;political-map-of-Laos
- Cambodia for 535 km, in the Southeast;
- Vietnam for 2,069 km, in the East;
- Myanmar for 236 km; in the Northwest;
- Thailand for 1,835 km, in the West.

The country’s capital city is “Vientiane”. Lao PDR has a warm climate and has only two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. The average temperature is about 25 degrees.

The total population of Lao PDR is approximately 6,580,800 people (Statistics 2012), with an average density of 27 persons/km2, which is the lowest in Southeast Asia.

Lao PDR is divided into 49 ethnic groups and each ethnic group speaks 4 categories of languages, as follows:
1. Lao – Tai;
2. Mon – Khmer;
3. Hmong- Iu mien;
4. Chinese – Tibetan.

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